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Wrought iron window boxes

There is nothing better than adding fresh herbs to a home cooked meal. You can truly taste the difference.

I used to go to my local farmers market to purchase fresh herbs every Friday afternoon. Then my friend told me how she purchased a couple wrought iron window boxes and planted her own herbs. She explained how the herbs just taste so much better when you plant them yourself. 

wrought iron window boxesBesides the taste, they also cost a fraction of the price you pay at the farmers market. The seeds cost next to nothing. The most expensive part of growing your own herb garden is purchasing the dirt.

Like most people today, my friend had been on a budget, and the idea of planting her own herb garden sounded great. She did some research, and unless you have a fenced in area most people recommend that she purchase a few wrought iron window boxes. Thinking with the thrifty side of her brain, and not wanting to stretch her budget, she decided to cultivate a small area in her backyard. She chose an area that would get plenty of sunlight during the day.

It was a great, little area within weeks her herbs garden started to grew. That was until her herb garden turned into a salad bar, for all of the neighbor wildlife. So, much for trying to get away with planting a herb garden without having to purchase any wrought iron window boxes. She felt that this was a lesson well learned. The next time she asked for advice she promised she would try harder to follow it.

Since she was determined to have her herb garden, she now had to go out, and re-purchase all the items she needed to start a second herb garden. The very next weekend she went to her local garden center, and purchased two different wrought iron window boxes, more dirt, and more seeds.

Planting the herb garden in window boxes turned out to be a quick and easy process. She did not have to worry about cultivating her yard, nor did she have to purchase as much dirt. She is now wondering why she just did not do this in the first place. However, she plans to continue to water her salad bar outside. That is the least she can do for the neighborhood wildlife. For some great deals online click here to discover some of the best wrought iron window boxes available because in my opinion you really can't beat the quality for the prices they have.

Wrought Iron Window Boxes – Could It Replace A Garden?

For those who do not know window boxes, do not worry. You are not alone. Window boxes as have been said can replace a whole garden. That would be true if you do not have enough space in your home for a garden. Window boxes are often times favored by those who live in apartments, especially those who are on the higher floors. Window boxes are apparently made specifically for flowers. The beauty of this is that those who have this could view it from the inside and it would be quite pleasing for those who are able to see it on the outside too. You would ask where they are basically placed. The name itself would answer that question. Window boxes are usually placed outside a window and they are supported by brackets on the wall.

Their use does not only end with flowers. Sometimes, these things are placed by those who love cooking outside the kitchen window in order for them to grow herbs and other supplies.

The only drawback with them is that you can never grow tall plants in them since they are made to be not that deep unlike with a real garden that you won’t have the trouble planting tall ones – in fact, you can even plant a big and tall tree.

Enough about gardens, we were talking here about window boxes and how they can help beautify a home. Yes, they do can help, especially if you plant gorgeous and unique flowers in them. But what would make it even more pleasing is if you have wrought iron window boxes instead of the usual types. These gorgeous things when planted with beautiful flowers could very well make a home very pleasing to the eye; not just to those who are outside but also for the guests inside your home.

Wrought iron window boxes can be quite heavier compared to the usual ones because of the wrought iron itself. You should consider having them fastened very securely so that you won’t have the trouble of breaking someone’s neck or head. What is also good about wrought iron window boxes is that they are much better compared to other kinds when it comes to durability. They are very resistant to wear and tear which makes it a must have if you plan on having a window garden in your home.

What makes these things better compared to a real garden is that in order for you to do the gardening, you don’t have to go to your front yard or backyard to do it. You simply just go to the window and do the gardening from there. Click here before you buy wrought iron window boxes for more info & pictures.




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